Rules & Regualtion

Campus Rules & Regulation

Rules and regulations are set of guidelines/instructions that help students and staff members to have a balanced and just life. It insures a proper harmony and synchronization with our surroundings without causing any trouble willingly.
The rules and regulations are in a way a set of terms which are made so that a school should run smoothly. The management set terms for students and teachers to follow.
The rules and regulations at school help make school a safe place for children to learn. They are set by the school based upon experience and low. The student must know the rules and regulations and what will happen if they are broken. If we respect them, it will solve most of the problems faced.
Corrective measures: Effective preventive and intervention techniques applied against student’s misbehavior vis-à-vis punitive actions are known as corrective measures.
Explanations: Good school discipline is best achieved by preventing misbehavior before it occurs, and using effective intervention after it occurs. The most successful discipline policies are those that take a non punitive approach to addressing student misbehavior and promote development of positive school culture. The policies focus more on the behavior to encouraged than on behavior to be avoided
Punishment: Penalty imposed by the judgment and command of competent school authorities warranted by rules and regulations of school, inflicted on a student for the commission of a misdemeanor or for the omission of the performance of an act required by rules and regulations.
Explanations: (a) The greatest art in punishment is to do without it! Whenever possible, the object should be achieved by persuasion rather than punishment. (b) The main object of punishment should be improvement and not retribution that is the punishment should be applied to change the individual’s behavior, or desire to heart. (c) The punishment should be as per offence. Service to the community should not be used as a punishment since service beyond self must be held in respect.